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Nauticam has included in their Sony E-Mount port range a new 7″ Dome Port (Part No: 36129) and Zoom Gear (Part No: 36173) for the Sony SEL1018 (E 10-18 F4) Lens. I believe this port will be very welcomed by all underwater photographers who were waiting for a sharp wide angle lens with a large size diameter dome port for the NEX range to be able to use the NEX System also for over-under Shots. The 4.33″ dome port is just to small to get a good split shot!
I will be using this port soon with my NEX 7 + Sony SEL1018 f4 lens and will be adding photos to my portfolio!
More good news for Underwater Sony NEX users as Zeiss has anounced a 50mmF2.8 Macro Lens and it should be available mid 2013!
For the new Nauticam Catalog please follow this link: Nauticam Port Charts Catalog