LSD03It takes nine engineers specialized in machining, optics, metallurgy, sewing, etc. to produce one LSD.
Every single part of the device has been re-tested, re-designed and optimized to produce the ultimate accessory for UW photographers.
LSD is compatible with all popular UW strobes with a pilot light, like: Inon, Ikelite, Subtronic, Sea & Sea and Seacam.
Every LSD is custom made to fit only one flash model.
It features a 2 year warranty which applies to the aluminium housing, lenses, orings and sealing components.
We carefully oversee every part of the manufacturing process to ensure the highest quality housing possible.
LSD’s housing is capable of withstanding pressure in depths of 80m.
Final assembly is done in an airtight chamber filled with Argon gas.
This stabilizes the atmosphere inside the housing and reduces the possibility of dust and moisture.
When the assembly is finished devices go through a series of hot-cold pressure tests to ensure there are no defects on the sealing components.
With these masks you can imagine anything. They allow you to shape your light just how you want it to be.
The apertures feature a secure system for exchanging and it clicks every time.
Masks are the fundementals of light shaping and can be custom designed to fit your imagination.