shearwater-petrel1Shearwater Research releases Firmware Version 18 for the Petrel Dive Computer.

Petrel version 18 has several new features including the highly anticipated Nitrox Recreational Mode. Also in this release are other new features including the ability to edit dive log parameters, and a PPO2 Mode (for the EXT model only).
The Nitrox Recreational Mode is a new additional mode for the Petrel computer that simplifies use specifically for recreational No-Decompression diving with Air or Nitrox. Our technical Open Circuit and Closed Circuit modes will remain unchanged with this upgrade, and all modes including gauge mode will be available to all users. The new Nitrox Recreational Mode includes optional safety stops, 3 configurable nitrox mixtures, nitrogen loading bar graph, and a configurable bottom row to show customized information.

Also included is an NDL dive planner, MOD warnings, and more simplified conservatism settings. This mode is still using Gradient Factors and the Bühlmann ZHL-16C algorithm for NDL and decompression calculations. Instead of user changeable gradient factors, there are simply 3 conservatism levels for the diver to select, Low, Medium, or High.

You can the update here.