Oktay Calisir
Underwater Photographer, Explorer, Cave Diver…!

Oktay Calisir, born and raised in South Germany, far away from the sea but this could not keep him away from the love for the oceans he feels…
His passion for photography as a hobby, combined with the love for oceans opened a whole new world to him and being self-taught, learning, diving, practising for many years, his efforts paid off and now he is an award-winning underwater photographer.
Having studied CNC Software Programming helped him with the electronic, mechanical and software related aspect of the knowledge for underwater photography…
He pursues his endeavour around the world traveling and diving, refining his own photographic techniques and sharing his knowledge with everyone who is interested to learn more about underwater photography.
Locations he has been diving: Indian Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, South China Sea, Sulu Sea, Andaman Sea, Celebes Sea, Red Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Aegean Sea, Caribbean Sea, Adriatic Sea, Ligurian Sea, Cave Systems and Rivers…
Born with the desire to explore the world’s most remote destination and to transmit the emotions that such places create and leave, especially for those people who were not so fortunate to explore the ocean deep under and the beauty this world has to offer…
The mix of light, technique and angle of the photo is essential for a “magical” shot. These three elements provide results that reveal transparency, depth of field and sharpness to an expert eye.
He is an IANTD full cave diver & PADI open water scuba instructor with a desire to share the amazing underwater world with everyone who shares his passion.
If you have any questions you would like to ask, be that information about underwater photography, scuba diving, traveling or equipment, please use this link to get in touch with him:  Contact Me.

Oktay Calisir
Oktay Calisir

Underwater Photograper - Explorer


Advise on photography techniques, equipment, destinations, gadgets…Olympus, Canon, Nikon, Sony, experienced and used all these systems, above and below the surface…


Be that from adventure & adrenaline seekers to well traveled individuals, there is always a spot maybe you have not been before and need information…!


Experiencied and extensively traveled all around the globe, choosing the perfect times for locations/natural seasons, providing you with valuable information…


Underwater photography workshops; if you are just a beginner with a compact camera, mirrorless or advanced professional DSLR camera, all levels covered…

With only 2 hours theoretical + 2 dives together with Oktay my photography improved immensely. Still helps me out with equipment choices and advise on techniques…Thank you…

Nadia K.

During our time in the Maldives, photographer Oktay Calisir gave us the best photos of us and of the place. The photos were splendid and they are made to be displayed all over your place. Mr. Oktay Calisir is optimistic and passionate and that’s why his service is so friendly and nice…

Vyu N.
New York

Complicated? Frustrating? Lost? The way I felt before my lessons with Oktay. He just uses the simplest way’s without technical gibberish to teach and share his passions…Thanks.

Robert B.