I decided to take scuba diving and underwater photography to a new level because of the never ending need for more adrenaline and the quest to show the beauty of our world 🙂

Cave diving is a great sport and really allows you to explore places where no one else has been before and being a photographer gives me also the opportunity to try to show the world the beauty of these places. Caving is regarded as the most extreme form of diving with the highest fatality rate within scuba diving, but with the proper training and right attitude/approach/preparation the risk is greatly reduced…I really enjoyed the training which is the longest and hardest I had in my scuba diving lessons history but it was definitely worth it and taught me a lot of knowledge which I can apply to everyday diving. Cave diving with the Olympus OM-D EM-1 in a Nauticam Housing with the addition of 1 INON Z240 Strobes is a really nice experience due to the ‘smaller’ size then regular SLR rigs…I had to push the OM-D EM-1 sometimes to high ISO 6400, still images where usable and the noise created by this high ISO I could clean out while post processing.

Being a fully cave certified diver with the proper training opens a whole new world to me and I am looking forward to dive very interesting caves in the future and through photography I will be sharing the beauty these places do offer…


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