DSC03121Sony NEX Underwater Photography – Macro:

On my trip to Mexico I visited Cozumel Island on 2 day trips and have tried Underwater Macro with the Sony NEX 7 and 50mm f1.8 lens (SEL50mm f1.8)…I have used the Nauticam Macro Port 45 (36135) with the new Nauticam Mini Extension Rings (36620/36630), Kenko Extensions Tubes for Macro (10mm/16mm) and +1 & +2 Dry Diopters. The results can be seen on some photos below in this post and I am looking forward to add soon some more on my next diving trip…The 50mm f1.8 lens works very well with this Kenko Extension Tubes as the minimum focusing distance is 0.39m, adding the tubes does shorten this minimum focus distance but it is still possible to work from a distance as it would not be possible with the Sony SEL30mm f3.5 Macro Lens combined with wet diopters…Although the depth of field gets very shallow, the bokeh effect is really strong which can be seen on my Yellow Head Blenny shot (which is not cropped and shows the full image as taken). This setup will work in my opinion very well to shoot Underwater Macro with Sony NEX Systems and this has been a problem for all NEX Underwater Photographers. I will be updating soon in detail regarding the whole setup and also testing the New Nauticam 7″ Dome Port for the Sony SEL1018 f4 lens, which I am really looking forward to as we had until now only the availability of 4″ Dome Ports (Very difficult to get split/over-under shots), also only the SEL16mm f2.8 with Converters which lacked in image quality…

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